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Many misconceptions about bariatric surgery

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  • Many misconceptions about bariatric surgery
 Many misconceptions about bariatric surgery

Dr. Ahmed Salah Taya, a fellow of the European Society of Therapeutic Nutrition and the Treatment of Obesity and Thinness, warned of the false information that some may spread regarding the elimination of obesity, as obesity elimination operations have many advantages and may be promoted by non-specialists as negative and therefore the correct information must be taken from the specialists.

Dr. Ahmed Salah Taya said that some information is wrong and obesity operations have become one of the easy solutions that increase the demand for them, but at the same time the false information increased despite the fact that all obesity operations are very easy and safe, and a person goes out the same day and eats everything he wants to eat, and its results are impressive. Very, very healthy.

Dr. Ahmed Salah Taya added that gastric sleeve, gastric bypass, gastric balloon and other operations aim first and foremost to improve the social, physical and psychological performance of a person and rid him of the obesity and obesity prison, which are internationally recognized medical procedures that help hundreds of thousands to reach a healthy weight.

Dr. Ahmed Salah Taya pointed out that a person who is considering surgery to treat obesity should not listen to non-specialists, and it is necessary to communicate with a doctor who trusts him to explain the case and concerns well, listen to advice, ask about expectations and side effects, and manage an open discussion is the only way to make a correct decision. .

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