Stomach programmed capsule

  • The latest programmed capsule in the world currently
  • The capsule is swallowed while the patient is conscious without anesthesia and without using a scope with some water, such as swallowing the medicine
  • The capsule is filled with a special liquid that comes with the capsule, and after filling the capsule with 500 ml of special liquid, it turns into a stomach balloon
  • It comes with every capsule with a smart scale that connects to a special application on the capsule on the phone that calculates the weight and the in-body
  • The country of origin is America
  • The capsule is not suitable for those who have stapled the stomach
  • The capsule helps to lose extra weight from 10 to 20 kilos
  • It differs from any balloon in that it is a programmed capsule in that after 4 months the programmed valve inside the balloon dissolves and the balloon completely dissolves through the digestive system and is removed
  • There is no objection to making the balloon in case of a cesarean delivery